Tuesday, June 16, 2015

04 Mihin Minne Missä

 Курс Supisuomea. Урок 4

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Deutsch Lernen Extra auf Deutsch Abschnitt 13

A very interesting German lesson. You can hear both German and English. If you speak both of those languages watching this video is real fun.

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Stop doing something, or stop to do something?

Here are some tips to help you better understand English

How do we say that we stopped doing something? Normally, it is about dropping bad habits like drinking or smoking, or drinking too much coffee, or eating too much.

So, a little word ‘stop’, the verb ‘stop’.

What is the difference in saying ‘I stopped to smoke’ and ‘I stopped smoking’?

‘I stopped to drink’ or ‘I stopped drinking’?

The difference is following:

‘I stopped to drink’ means that you stopped in order to drink something. It is like you were driving and were thirsty. So, you stopped at a bar in order to drink a cup of water or a coke.

‘I stopped drinking’ means that you dropped your bad habit of drinking too much alcohol. Do feel the difference?

‘I stopped smoking’ means that you do not smoke any longer.

‘I stopped to smoke’ means that you were walking or driving, then you stopped in order to have a smoke.

The same rule applies to all other life situation.